if you like pina coladas (then you’ll LOVE this wine)

A few years ago, a friend went to Hawaii and brought back the most. amazing. white wine. ever. It was light, not too sweet, not too oak-y, just perfect. And impossible to find in the continental U.S. I was living in Boston at the time, and I went to every liquor store throughout Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Government Center… everywhere. Every time I traveled, I would walk up and down the aisles of the local liquor store like a raging alcoholic in need of my fix. I was just looking for Maui Blanc! I even considered buying it online and paying the exorbitant shipping price to ship it up to friends in New Hampshire (you cannot ship alcohol to Massachusetts). But, alas, I went without. Until last week, when I walked into Cleveland Park Liquor and Fine Wines and saw it on display for $15 a bottle. Amazing. Seriously, if you live in northwest D.C., it is worth the trip to CP Liquor to grab yourself a bottle. It will be your own little tropical vacation in January.


2 thoughts on “if you like pina coladas (then you’ll LOVE this wine)

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