counting up

If I wanted to be the next cliche in the blogosphere, I would rename my blog to “eat. teach. love [to shop, especially].” Mostly because that would help me keep my thoughts organized, and I’m a really big fan of organization. So, to teach…

My students and I are opening a bakery in our preschool classroom, and we have been talking a lot about cookies! This morning, we read Mr. Cookie Baker by Monica Wellington, talked about how to bake cookies, and cut and decorated our own sugar cookies. I bought store-bought pre-made dough from Target (it was already proportioned!) and a huge set of cookie cutters on sale at Michaels. The students cut the cookies with their number cutters, and then had to put that many chocolate chips on the cookie (exposure to numerals and counting and creating sets). I brought them all home to bake.

[Forgive the aluminum foil; the store-bought cookie dough is wheat-based, and I am very gluten free!]

Tomorrow, I’ll move the cookie cutters to one of our sensory tables (in the bakery) with playdoh. I’m still trying to figure out what to use as “pretend” chocolate chips (besides playdoh). Any ideas?


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