brighten up

While the weather in D.C. for the majority of this week has been sunny and fantastic (sorry, Rocky Mountain friends), I’m relying on these shoes to brighten my mood, as I battle a strep throat. I’m loving color block lately, and am always excited to find amazing flats I can wear to teach. I was on-board when Kim Kardashian started Shoe Dazzle, another monthly  online “shoe club,” a couple of years ago, but I have not fallen in love with anything lately and skipped the last several months of shoes. Rachel Bilson’s new pricier alternative, Shoe Mint, boasts Steve Madden craftsmanship and trendy styles, that are worth the extra money. Both sites send you an email with monthly personalized styles on the first of each month, and you have until the fifth to peruse and skip the month if uninterested.

Now, it’s too bad these shoes didn’t have unexpected healing properties for my sore throat…


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