TO DO: spend a night on the town

Saturday was WC’s birthday, and we went over to the U Street Corridor to celebrate. We started at Marvin for dinner, which blew me away. I had been there once in the summer of 2010 and remembered having delicious cocktails, but don’t remember being impressed by the food. On Saturday, we started with St. Jacques mussels, which were amazing (and gluten free, along with their french fries!). I had the skirt steak special, WC enjoyed the duck confit, and his sister and her husband both loved the short ribs. This time, we will not be waiting that long to return.

Right next door to Marvin, which is inconspicuous by its own accord, is The Gibson, which you will only be able to find if you have the street address. I don’t think The Gibson was open yet when the NYTimes photo above was taken in 2009, but the door to the left of Marvin is equally as nondescript now. You open the door and enter into a dark entryway. With the exception of a man in a suit (inspired by a 20s color palette), you will probably think you’re in the wrong place, until they open a side door and walk you into the speakeasy that is the Gibson. Cocktails cost between $12-16, but are entirely worth it. Their menu is completely inspired, and the wait and bar are so willing to accommodate your every whim. We tried several different concoctions, both on and off the menu, and were impressed by every one.

[photo credits 1 and 2]


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