TO DO: wine up

Soon after moving down to D.C., a few of my friends from the office and I started a book club. It only took us a couple of months to realize that we were looking forward to the camaraderie and wine more than reading the books (oops). Our book club quickly turned into a wine club, and we meet monthly to share different themed wines. Last week, we had a fruit-themed meet up and tried delicious peach, blueberry-pomegranate and pineapple wines. Tomasello Winery, which makes the delicious blueberry-pomegranate wine we tried, makes several different fruit varieties, like blackberry and cranberry, that I’m now dying to try.

I also fell in love with Wellspring Creamery’s cranberry orange goat cheese at our get-together, which I promptly bought at Whole Foods and used in my omelet this morning. Yum!

[psst: Check out my friend Katie’s blog for pictures from past wine club meet ups]


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