TO DO: monticello wine trail

Yesterday, taking advantage of the end of spring break, I whisked WC and Teddy Roosevelt off to central Virginia to visit the Monticello Wine Trail. We visited several wineries, Thomas Jefferson’s home and a fantastic BBQ joint, and we stayed overnight at an adorable dog-friendly bed & breakfast on the trail.

1: I loved the display at Jefferson Vineyards, and the way the sunlight reflected off of the wine bottles. 2: Teddy and me enjoying the view. 3: Picnic lunch at Keswick Vineyards. 4: Teddy Roosevelt. 4: Our wares from the trip. Our favorites: ’07 Meritage from Jefferson Vineyards and Keswick’s Chocolate Norton Sauce (okay, not a wine, but a marriage of wine and chocolate — TDF).


2 thoughts on “TO DO: monticello wine trail

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