TO DO: prepare a garden

When I was a little girl, my grandmother would set me up with a brick oval in the middle of her backyard as my garden. I’ve loved spring, a time for flowers and gardening, ever since. I got a plot in our condo association’s garden this year, and have had so much fun researching gardening tips and techniques. I had a couple container gardens in Boston, growing tomatoes in galvanized tubs and blueberry bushes in whiskey barrels, but this is my first real garden.

I started this weekend by weeding my plot. WC helped me till the land, which was so intimidating to me! Since we can’t fit too many garden tools in our city condo, and I couldn’t justify spending $300 on a rototiller for a 4×10″ plot, we first used a hand rake to loosen all of the soil. Then we poured some Bumper Crop that we picked up from Johnson’s over the entire plot. We spread it out, and WC did the brunt of the work by digging 6″ holes all over the plot and turning the soil, to mix everything up. I watered the soil before planting and then evened it all out. I have been reading lots about companion planting, and the benefits of mixing herbs, flowers and vegetables, so I picked up marigolds from Johnson’s as well, for their benefits warding off pests. On Saturday, I ordered some strawberry, blueberry, tomato and pepper plants, as well as sunflower and cucumber seeds, that I’m [not so] patiently waiting for to come in, and I sowed about a dozen herb seeds in pods inside a few weeks ago that have started to sprout. I can’t wait to have my own crops of fruits, vegetables and herbs to enjoy over the next few months :)

[container galore in my 2009 Boston condo]


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