TO PLAY: make-believe sushi

I wish my teacher evaluation scores were based on the things I have learned how to make out of cardboard, felt, paint, tissue paper and yarn. That would be so much less intimidating. Because I have been cooking up something fantastic…

Felt sushi for my classroom’s pretend cafeteria-fantastic. I’m certainly not the first person to attempt make-believe sushi, but I also didn’t want to bring out the sewing machine. So I used some felt, an awesome pair of scissors and a glue gun.


If you’re making them, I recommend picking pink and orange felt for more realistic sushi, but I was in a rush on my way out of the class and just grabbed brown, black, white and green. I cut all of the felt into small strips and then cut the green strip into even smaller strips. First I rolled the brown (or pink or orange), then I glued the green strips onto one side. I cut the white strips with a jagged cut, and rolled that around next (so that it wrapped around a few times). Finally, I just wrapped black felt around once.


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