TO CELEBRATE: cinco de derby

WC and I don’t spend a lot of time going “out on the town,” so we try to make a big deal out of celebrating silly holidays, like Cinco de Mayo, which coincidentally fell on the same day as the Kentucky Derby.

We started early with bloody mary’s (his specialty) and brunch at home. Around 1, we headed over to Bandolero’s pop-up at Tackle Box’s former Cleveland Park location (oh, psst! The Bandolero management let us know they are opening a Spanish tapas restaurant there at the end of Tackle Box’s lease. Yea!). At Bandolero, I had the most amazing margarita with habanero-infused tequila, strawberry and lime. Que rico! We will definitely be heading over to the Georgetown location when they open up.

We headed over to Adam’s Morgan and stopped at a few holes in the wall before we ended up at Jack Rose‘s “Cinco de Derby Rooftop Fiesta.” The environment on their enclosed rooftop was lively (without being over-the-top), the service was excellent and the food and drinks were delicious. We had pulled-pork straight from a smoker and mint-julep snow cones. I can’t wait to spend more summer afternoons up there.

Did you enjoy your weekend? Do anything special for the Derby or Cinco de Mayo? I’d love to hear :)


2 thoughts on “TO CELEBRATE: cinco de derby

  1. omg so fun! we stayed in, drank beers and watched tv. i loved that a mexican won the derby though! how approp. that moment when he pulled ahead! man, joe liz and i were going nuts.

    i think i need to know more about this sno cone! is that it in the pic? did you drop shaved ice into your bourbon?? YUM

    • They had a shaved ice cone ala a snow cone and just poured bourbon on it? And stuck mint on the side. Delicious

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