brunch and bouquets

This weekend seemed to fly by! It was a wonderful collection of friends, family and sunshine, but should have been twice as long :)

[Above: peonies at the Dupont Farmers’ Market on Sunday morning, bright baubles and neon tees for a Mother’s Day BBQ, round 2 of cucumber and strawberry plantings]

Read on for a wonderful new brunch recommendation.

Saturday morning, I met some coworkers at El Centro (by the U Street corridor) for brunch.  For $35, you get all that you can eat and drink off of their brunch menu, and the service, food and drinks were all incredible. We sat on the rooftop, and got to try so many different dishes. For a group, they just bring out small plates, so you don’t even have to order. We fell in love with their pineapple, hibiscus, and watermelon aqua frescos (with tequila and vodka that you can’t even taste). And, all of their brunch plates (sans postres) are corn-based (read: gluten-free).


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