TO THINK CRITICALLY: what would you do?

As a preschool teacher, I try to stay abreast of the issues facing young children today, especially debates around social rights. One of the most intriguing debates to me over the last year or so has been the one around transgendered youth. I think, mostly, it is because I cannot imagine the depth of ethical dilemmas facing the parents of transgendered youth. I was so proud of the Washington Post (not that I am in a position to patronize the Post) for raising awareness by putting this article on the cover of their Sunday paper today. And, while I recognize others will disagree with me, I also feel tremendous respect for the family for making decisions they truly believe will make their child happy, and sharing their story in such a mainstream way to help others in similar positions.

PS: Did you see this story last year on the Canadian family that chose to raise a genderless baby?

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