to spend a Sunday afternoon, perfectly

WC and I spent Sunday afternoon at the Vintage Virginia Wine Festival at Bull Run Park in Centreville, and it was definitely worth the ride out of the city. We bought the tasting tent tickets, but we had the most fun going from tent to tent trying (and buying) wines from the vineyards themselves …

Virginia wine is arguably my favorite thing about living in this area of the country, and you know how much WC and I love to visit different vineyards. We tried to visit the tents of the vineyards that are on our “To Do” list, but that we haven’t gotten to yet, like Barboursville and Prince Michel. We also loved some new ones: Stone Mountain Vineyards (especially their white table wine, which would be perfect with spicy Asian dishes) and James River Cellars (loved their Hanover).

We always overpack for wine festivals to make sure we’re thoroughly prepared (and I’m not tempted by hunger to hit up the corn dog or funnel cake stands. We bring a cooler with meats, cheeses and gluten free crackers, a cutting board and a pocket knife. Any other celiac’s have tricks for hitting up summer festivals? I’d love to hear :)

The same production company of this wine festival does the Virginia Wine Festival on September 15 and 16. I can’t wait!


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