TO DO: downsize your DVDs

C has a massive DVD collection. I seriously don’t even know when he watches them all. We have a teeny-tiny one bedroom apartment in Northwest DC. This could be a big problem, but I file all of his (and my!) DVDs in 2 tiny black boxes that so fit nicely on our bookshelf. It is one of the best ways I have found to save space in tiny city homes. 

I use these boxes and CD files from the Container Store, my favorite label maker and scissors (to cut the paper with the DVD’s title to fit inside the label). I also cut the summary of the movie on the back to slip into the back of the file (this only works if you only plan on doing one movie per pouch). I usually wait until we have a little stash of DVDs to do all at once, but apparently I waited TOO long, and as we were deep cleaning the apartment this weekend to make room for our new bedroom set (more on this later!), we were finding DVDs everywhere.

I don’t even remember where we used to store DVDs, cases and all. (Although I swear I remember seeing a fabulous way to reuse empty DVD cases in the classroom; so I did save a bag of them (: ).











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