TO DO: redecorate the bedroom

C and I have been gifted a used (but still amazing!) dark wood bedroom set. Because the new set has a king-sized bed, that also meant that we had to go out and buy a brand new, king-sized mattress, which is extremely exciting (there is a big, big difference between a queen and king: 16 more inches wide big). As if that isn’t wonderful enough, I also have to buy all new bedding, which means a whole new color scheme.


What’s not to love about Jenna Lyons? But seriously, her bedroom is to-die-for. Although her duvet is way, way out of my league, and we can’t paint our rented walls, I’m still going to try to use the mix of slate gray and crisp white, with pops of bright like the coral for our bedroom. I’m hoping the dark gray will add sophistication that is currently missing in our bright, whimsical space:

I’m planning to add the slate gray onto the new bed via this West Elm duvet (bonus points for how easy it will be to keep it looking clean), and I’m thinking of creating some custom pillow cases with coral fabric from Spoonflower. Stay tuned to see how it all turns out :)


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