to protect and serve (a Flokati)

Hi, friends.

I apologize for my incredibly long blogging hiatus.  Essentially I have been feeling a little like this, and mostly like this.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 10.49.36 PMEnter, Flokati.  A couple of months ago, I bought this fabulous Flokati rug on ridiculous sale from Rugs USA.  It is soft and glorious to walk on.  Except.  Teddy Roosevelt will not stop peeing on the thing.  I think he is jealous of its hair, and the fact that the rug is never subjected to nightly combing.  Regardless, Craig has washed the darn thing, in the bath tub, four times (with detergent and pet odor remover), and I’m pretty sure the next time he’s just going to throw it out the window. I mean, if I woke up earlier than him and was the one who saw it first, I might throw it out the window.

So, since I’m on spring break, and since I cannot sit still, and since I’m not exactly known for sitting around without a project, I decided to rearrange some things. I have some grandiose plans for our itsy bitsy dining space, but for now, enter the Flokati.  I’m hoping by shoving the thing under our table, it will distract Teddy.  Also, he’s pretty good about leaving that area alone.  The proportions aren’t exactly right, but my plan is to get rid of two of the chairs, and use a bench in the back (that will double as storage, since those chairs are used way more for piles of things than actual guests), a la:



Except I think I’m going to do it with DIY les touches chairs like this:




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