to build a nest







Ever since WC and I got engaged last month, I have been busy nesting like a crazy person. I painted the kitchen a light blue after being insanely inspired by this re-do, ordered a huge rug for the living room, and painted a salmon colored accent wall (inspiration here). There are some instagram photos above, to apologize for my radio silence. I also reupholstered my dining chairs and started painting some wall art. WC rearranged some of the furniture in our huge living room/dining space/great room (ha! like you can have a great room in an uptown DC apartment), and now I have this great big space in the corner that is dying to be filled with something.

I have three white picture frames, and was thinking of lining them up and doing a little themed collection, maybe with floral transformers:




I guess the last woman isn’t really transforming, but I love the print all the same. Would it be weird to mix a photograph, drawing and painting even if the theme and frames are the same? I should probably pick a last piece with a more neutral background like the first two, and find a different home for the last one. I love that bright yellow though! Maybe for the bedroom?


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