falling in love: bows and layers

I fell in love twice at Anthropologie today — the first with this fabulous bow dress, and the second with four layers of fabulous in this necklace. While I’m waiting for Anthro to have a sale, I styled my imaginary new dress — with Forever 21 peep-toe flats and Gap’s two-tone canvas clutch.

I’ve wanted a striped dress since this post, and the bows are TDF on this one.


shopping list: summer countdown

This morning, WC and I went to Georgetown for brunch. We went to Philomena, which was  terribly disappointing, but followed it up with some exciting window-shopping (and maybe a little actual shopping). With only 27 school days left of my first year teaching, I feel like a kid again, counting down to summer days. My shopping list reflects bright colors and quirky designs that remind me of the fun summer days ahead.

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to market, to market

I have been lusting over this Anthropologie ceramic farmer’s market basket for months. Don’t get me wrong; I love all things Anthro, but I just couldn’t get myself to drop $14 on a ceramic version of something I can get for free at the local farmer’s market. Then I saw Sur La Table’s version, which is almost exactly the same, for less than half the price. There was a light blue version in the store that was on sale for $5. I am now the proud owner of two ceramic baskets, where my farmer’s market cucumbers and tomatoes are living from this morning.

TO DO: make a statement

If you have not been to an anthropologie lately, I implore you: stop by. With a predetermined budget because it will be impossible to walk out of the store empty-handed. I fell in love with the statement necklaces casually strewn throughout the store, like the ones above. Now that I’m teaching preschool (read: all too often my clothes get painted, glued or worse) I love using oversized, colorful jewelry to dress up during the week. I purchased #3, and am thinking it will be perfect this weekend with a white tee and the hot pink flow-y skirt I posted here.

[necklaces 1, 2 & 3]