to build a nest







Ever since WC and I got engaged last month, I have been busy nesting like a crazy person. I painted the kitchen a light blue after being insanely inspired by this re-do, ordered a huge rug for the living room, and painted a salmon colored accent wall (inspiration here). There are some instagram photos above, to apologize for my radio silence. I also reupholstered my dining chairs and started painting some wall art. WC rearranged some of the furniture in our huge living room/dining space/great room (ha! like you can have a great room in an uptown DC apartment), and now I have this great big space in the corner that is dying to be filled with something.

I have three white picture frames, and was thinking of lining them up and doing a little themed collection, maybe with floral transformers:




I guess the last woman isn’t really transforming, but I love the print all the same. Would it be weird to mix a photograph, drawing and painting even if the theme and frames are the same? I should probably pick a last piece with a more neutral background like the first two, and find a different home for the last one. I love that bright yellow though! Maybe for the bedroom?


to picnic


My fabulous friend Katie, inspired by this Cup of Jo post, started a summer picnic club around the DC area.  How fabulous would this Chambray tote be to bring along with a bottle of Sarah’s Patio Red?

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to reflect: how I got the perfect mirror

And this is why it is so wonderful to source everything, especially in blogs and Pinterest. I have been trying to find a perfect mirror for the wall above my new bureau. Since there is a small flat screen TV on one side of the bureau, and I plan to hang some pictures around that, I was thinking about a sunburst mirror. I have a full-size dressing mirror on the other side of the bedroom, so function is not as important as decoration. I pinned this photo months ago, even before I read Little Green Notebook daily, because I love how the TV is not the focal point on this wall, as it so often ends up.

living7I almost bought this sunburst mirror from One Kings Lane (which is pretty good deal for $49), but I wasn’t feeling great about the proportions. I was going back through my files to find walls like mine to get ideas about which mirrors may work best, and I found this photo again and remembered how much I love this mirror. I clicked through to LGN, and sure enough, there it was. Here’s an even better picture of the mirror itself.


At the bottom of the post, there was even a source list for most of the objects in the apartment (fantastic), and would you believe this mirror is from Hobby Lobby?! Since they are pretty much always doing 40 percent off a single item online, I was able to order it for $29.99. With $1.95 shipping. AMAZING! If you are in the market for a sunburst mirror (and why wouldn’t you be? (: ), you should buy this right. now.

If you are also in the market for a round mirror to break up all of the straight lines on your wall, and you are not buying the ridiculously cheap Hobby Lobby mirror, I found some more great ones on Etsy, like this one for $75:


TO ENJOY: etsy prints I love

When C and I brought in our new bedroom set, we moved out one old Ikea wardrobe and one tall bookshelf, leaving us with lots of new wall space, even with our new set all moved in. I’m planning to create a gallery wall, so it’s been really exciting searching through Etsy for prints and art. I love this hair bun print above from Elizabeth Mayville. Here are some more of my favorites…

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color me happy

“Well, color me happy — there’s a sofa in here for two!” – Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

That’s almost how I felt when I found these fantastic brightly-colored pepper prints (and asparagus prints, kitchen utensil prints, and bounties of prints of other vegetables) at this adorable etsy shop.

[print by Pragya Kothari]