TO ENJOY: ice cream

Yesterday, I purchased this Cuisinart ice cream maker on One King’s Lane. My Kitchen Aid mixer has been collecting dust since I started teaching this year, and I had been waiting for the Kitchen Aid ice cream maker attachment to go on sale someplace when I saw this one pop up on One King’s Lane, and I realized it got better reviews than it’s Kitchen Aid counterpart. I liked the idea of only having to store an attachment versus a whole maker, but this model is only 10x10x15. Since it was also $20 cheaper, better-reviewed and red, it was a no-brainer.

I cannot wait for it to arrive so I can start making all of the excellent ice creams that I have been pinning, like:

Rose Water Sorbet with Chopped Pistachios

Watermelon Lime Sorbet Slices

Grapefruit Pomegranate Champagne Sorbet 

 (Psst: If you love the turquoise ice cream maker that’s sold out on OKL, it’s on Amazon for only 99 cents more (: )


brunch and bouquets

This weekend seemed to fly by! It was a wonderful collection of friends, family and sunshine, but should have been twice as long :)

[Above: peonies at the Dupont Farmers’ Market on Sunday morning, bright baubles and neon tees for a Mother’s Day BBQ, round 2 of cucumber and strawberry plantings]

Read on for a wonderful new brunch recommendation.

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TO DO: cooking with kids

Usually I’m a day behind the curve, struggling to catch up, at least this past year. Before teaching, I was usually right on-time, if not five or so minutes early. I guess that’s the way life goes :) I must be catching up to my old self, because last night I put together an easy-to-follow guacamole recipe for my 3-year-olds to make today to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Wait. Are you shocked that I’m cooking with 3-year-olds? I have so many Montessori foundations at my teaching core, and there is so many awesome moms who blog all about their own cooking experience. I love this article about cooking with preschoolers and these Montessori-inspired ideas on Modern Parents Messy Kids (and I totally want this book).

Anyway, to save you the trouble of collecting clip art to make a kid-friendly recipe when you are convinced cooking with your 3-year-olds is an awesome idea: GuacamoleRecipe

[Avocado photo via]

to be happy


I’m sorry for my missing “halfway to happy” post, but the truth is: it’s been a rough couple of weeks with grad school final papers, teaching craziness and some other unfortunately-timed events. Things are starting to look up (April showers do bring May flowers (: ), and I’m grateful for the things that have been making me smile…

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friends out-of and around town

This weekend, my friend Katie was in town from Atlanta. I met her for drinks at standard, which is an outdoor BBQ/beer spot on a patio with picnic tables on 14th Street (fear not, fellow Celiacs, they carry Bards gluten-free beer). It was so wonderful to spend a night chatting and catching up with an old friend! One of my favorite things about living in the District is the number of people who come into town. :)

gluten-free at the game

Being a native Bostonian, one of my top 5 favorite things about spring is always baseball. I love the game, the charm and stories of the ballparks and the concessions. You can imagine how excited I was to find out that Nationals Stadium has two gluten-free concession stands (with hot dogs and pretzels and beer!), and actually trains their staff on cross-contamination: any baseball-loving celiac’s dream (behind sections 105 and 136).

TO DO: overindulge

I’m pretty easy to please. I can’t remember a day so bad that a glass of pinot noir, an assortment of cheese and a gluten-free dessert couldn’t turn around. So you can imagine my excitement when my favorite spot for wine and cheese, Ripple, announced they were opening a new storefront, Sugar Magnolia, where they sell, among other things, ice cream sandwiches and desserts. And being the same ever-accommodating folks from Ripple, they will try to always keep a gluten-free treat on the menu, like their chocolate meringue with salted caramel ice cream sandwich.