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To all of you non-teachers: I’m sorry to be the one to tell you that summer vacation is, in fact, as amazing as it sounds. But, it’s not too late. You, too, can make a career change and enjoy eight glorious weeks off without penalty. I would highly recommend it; it almost makes up for the 10 months of late nights of planning and worrying.

[photos, from top left: Old Silver Beach on the Cape, tequila-infused watermelon (served with salt), sisters at the beach, WC+me at a wedding in Connecticut, the first sunflower opening in my garden (and one of two that survived the Rock Creek deer), Teddy loves to swim, Teddy also loves to be groomed, sangria for a family BBQ (from this book), the Capitol just before the fireworks]


TO DO: Saturday afternoon

In my humble opinion, Cleveland Park is the best area to live in D.C. It has the perfect combination of great restaurants, local businesses and close-knit neighborhoods. We enjoyed the latter on Saturday afternoon, grilling up hot dogs and sliders, hanging on our front lawn, playing with the dogs that walked by and our neighbors who came outside.

We ate, drank peach wine (too sweet! (:) and played rummy. One of our neighbors was raving about Quiddler, a card game like rummy, but with letters. Have you played? :)

to be happy


I’m sorry for my missing “halfway to happy” post, but the truth is: it’s been a rough couple of weeks with grad school final papers, teaching craziness and some other unfortunately-timed events. Things are starting to look up (April showers do bring May flowers (: ), and I’m grateful for the things that have been making me smile…

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