happy primary day!

Happy New Hampshire primary day!

In 2007, fresh out of my undergrad political science classes and eager to change the world, I interned on John McCain’s presidential campaign in New Hampshire. Living in Boston, it was easy enough to get back and forth to be a part of a major national political scene. I majored in political science and journalism, after all; I wanted to work on campaigns! In the middle of editorial-writing, mail-stuffing, phone calling, and stumping out in the streets, one thing really stood out to me: all of the blips we got on educational policy. Especially around early childhood education. And somehow, I got my hands on the “30 Million Word Gap” study by Hart and Risley. And, I remember thinking: if every single person who wants to change the world goes and teaches preschool, we wouldn’t need “transformational” politicians to make our country a better place. Our kids would grow up and do it!

Front and center at a Republican debate in June 07

[photo from CNN’s website]

And so began my career in education. Well, sort of. With lots of twists and turns, first in Boston, then D.C., first in administration and now in the classroom. The New Hampshire primary will always be near and dear to my heart, as will American campaigns, even if I did end up teaching 3-year-olds.