TO DO: cooking with kids

Usually I’m a day behind the curve, struggling to catch up, at least this past year. Before teaching, I was usually right on-time, if not five or so minutes early. I guess that’s the way life goes :) I must be catching up to my old self, because last night I put together an easy-to-follow guacamole recipe for my 3-year-olds to make today to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Wait. Are you shocked that I’m cooking with 3-year-olds? I have so many Montessori foundations at my teaching core, and there is so many awesome moms who blog all about their own cooking experience. I love this article about cooking with preschoolers and these Montessori-inspired ideas on Modern Parents Messy Kids (and I totally want this book).

Anyway, to save you the trouble of collecting clip art to make a kid-friendly recipe when you are convinced cooking with your 3-year-olds is an awesome idea: GuacamoleRecipe

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