color indecision

officesetbaI’m in love with this desk redesign from Goodwill Glam via Apartment Therapy. There was a black desk in our condo when we moved in a couple of years ago, and it’s been on my to-deal-with list ever since.

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 9.03.23 PM


Do you see the similarities in the lines? This desk is in desperate need of a serious sanding and a new coat of paint. I would get rid of it, but it’s perfect for sewing projects (the only other hard space to work on in the condo is our small kitchen table). I definitely don’t want to do black again, but I worry about putting a bold color on (no matter how gorgeous) considering how close the desk is to our new accent wall:



Maybe I should paint it a crisp white to encourage it to blend into the wall behind it  (and reduce the visual clutter of the room)? Or a similar red to the accent wall? Maybe a shade or two darker or lighter? Or should I go crazy with color do the same shade of emerald green? I do love the way the greens in the plant pop against the red wall, though… 


TO DO: downsize your DVDs

C has a massive DVD collection. I seriously don’t even know when he watches them all. We have a teeny-tiny one bedroom apartment in Northwest DC. This could be a big problem, but I file all of his (and my!) DVDs in 2 tiny black boxes that so fit nicely on our bookshelf. It is one of the best ways I have found to save space in tiny city homes.  Continue reading

TO DO: summer projects

At the risk of sounding terribly obnoxious, I’ll tell you: I have had a terrible time trying to relax this summer! I know, my first summer as a teacher (after a handful of years working in year-round education positions): two glorious months of reoccurring paychecks for doing no work. I should be ecstatic. In fact, I cannot stop planning and am pulling my hair out. So my new approach is to throw myself into as many projects as possible that have nothing to do with teaching. Like this granny square blanket (the color scheme was inspired by something Heather posted a while back). Or picking lavender with Katie. Or even these camp-inspired pieces from Martha Stewart Living.

Help me! How do you relax on vacation?

TO DO [this week]

1. Wednesday: Buy a pair of Toms ballet flats, which debut tomorrow. Fab Sugar has a fabulous preview here. Personally, I’m in love with the burlap pair above.

2. Thursday: Hit up Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits to see if they have gotten their shipment of Dogfish Ale’s new seasonal gluten-free brew, T’weason Ale (um, did you hear that fellow celiacs: seasonal gluten-free beer!). The new brew mixes tastes of molasses, strawberry and buckwheat honey. Yum!

3. Friday: Head up to NYC for a long-overdue weekend with my good friends, the “gibbah girls” (as we’ve been calling ourselves for the past decade), including Ashley, Heather and Whitney.