TO ENJOY: etsy prints I love

When C and I brought in our new bedroom set, we moved out one old Ikea wardrobe and one tall bookshelf, leaving us with lots of new wall space, even with our new set all moved in. I’m planning to create a gallery wall, so it’s been really exciting searching through Etsy for prints and art. I love this hair bun print above from Elizabeth Mayville. Here are some more of my favorites…

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pretty in pink

Remember to stop and smell the roses. Or, to stop in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue (in the median, people, and NOT if you are driving!) to admire the sky behind the Capitol.

summer vacation
















To all of you non-teachers: I’m sorry to be the one to tell you that summer vacation is, in fact, as amazing as it sounds. But, it’s not too late. You, too, can make a career change and enjoy eight glorious weeks off without penalty. I would highly recommend it; it almost makes up for the 10 months of late nights of planning and worrying.

[photos, from top left: Old Silver Beach on the Cape, tequila-infused watermelon (served with salt), sisters at the beach, WC+me at a wedding in Connecticut, the first sunflower opening in my garden (and one of two that survived the Rock Creek deer), Teddy loves to swim, Teddy also loves to be groomed, sangria for a family BBQ (from this book), the Capitol just before the fireworks]

to spend a Sunday afternoon, perfectly

WC and I spent Sunday afternoon at the Vintage Virginia Wine Festival at Bull Run Park in Centreville, and it was definitely worth the ride out of the city. We bought the tasting tent tickets, but we had the most fun going from tent to tent trying (and buying) wines from the vineyards themselves …

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TO ENJOY: ice cream

Yesterday, I purchased this Cuisinart ice cream maker on One King’s Lane. My Kitchen Aid mixer has been collecting dust since I started teaching this year, and I had been waiting for the Kitchen Aid ice cream maker attachment to go on sale someplace when I saw this one pop up on One King’s Lane, and I realized it got better reviews than it’s Kitchen Aid counterpart. I liked the idea of only having to store an attachment versus a whole maker, but this model is only 10x10x15. Since it was also $20 cheaper, better-reviewed and red, it was a no-brainer.

I cannot wait for it to arrive so I can start making all of the excellent ice creams that I have been pinning, like:

Rose Water Sorbet with Chopped Pistachios

Watermelon Lime Sorbet Slices

Grapefruit Pomegranate Champagne Sorbet 

 (Psst: If you love the turquoise ice cream maker that’s sold out on OKL, it’s on Amazon for only 99 cents more (: )

to win American Idol

Any other Phillip Phillips fans? I found his audition video on You Tube (which I didn’t remember), and thought it was a fitting prediction of the season. I know the judges loved “Home,” but I secretly liked his rendition of “Volcano” the best :)