to plot (a garden)

 2013GardenPlan 1Last year I was lucky enough to score a garden plot from my condo association behind our building.  While I would die for a real farm with backyard chickens and maybe even a goat, I figure my own garden plot comes in a close second, especially given my current location.  I have to imagine my D.C. condo association has rules against goats.

Now, let’s get serious.  Yesterday, I noticed a new neighbor weeding his plot next to mine.  Last year, I was pretty much the only one who weeded my garden, nevermind plant anything, so there was no competition.  But NOW.  And with something as public as a garden plot.  Bring it on.

I had unknowingly prepared for this, and the spring bulbs I planted last fall bloomed on Easter.  So, without even lifting a finger to weed, I figure my spring blooms kept me on par with him.  But today I forced myself to spend a vacation afternoon weeding and planting some seeds (that have been sitting on my kitchen counter for over a month).  It’s amazing how competition fuels me (even when it’s made up in my head).

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 8.53.17 PM

(shout out to the hyacinths and daffodils for saving my butt)

Then, with the help of some OCD, I sat down with a sheet of graph paper and mapped out my plot for the year (aka the game plan).  So far, I planted the seeds, and moved the left over strawberry plants from last year.  I got a little overzealous with the pea seeds… still working on that self-regulation.

I thought a lot about companion planting, and I plan to move the tomatoes next to the path so I don’t have to trudge through the whole plot to get to them like last year (2013: the year common sense is on my side).

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 8.59.55 PM

Um PS, according to MS’ calendar in Living, Martha herself also tilled her garden today.  That must mean the gardening gods are on my team, no?


TO DO: prepare a garden

When I was a little girl, my grandmother would set me up with a brick oval in the middle of her backyard as my garden. I’ve loved spring, a time for flowers and gardening, ever since. I got a plot in our condo association’s garden this year, and have had so much fun researching gardening tips and techniques. I had a couple container gardens in Boston, growing tomatoes in galvanized tubs and blueberry bushes in whiskey barrels, but this is my first real garden.

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