halfway to happy

Happy Wednesday! I’d love to share a couple of things I’m loving today:

NASHVILLE! I watched every single episode last week on spring break before I went to Nashville on Friday. Scarlett and Gunnar are my favorites.


This $18 Forever 21 peplum tank is to die for.


TO GIFT: pet pop art

I won’t lie to you: my life revolves around my dog. I tell myself that most single people without children who own pets are obsessed with them, but I may be more than others. I have a three and a half year old shih tzu named Teddy Roosevelt, and he is. awesome. Which is why I was psyched when I realized how many artists on Etsy are willing to do custom prints of your dog, like the pop art print below, produced by this shop.

The next gift-giving event in my future is my birthday in the fall, but you can bet this will be on the top of my wish list! The positive: I have eight months to pick my favorite photo of the pup!


loving last week

Valentines Day was wonderfully low-key with a multi-course home-cooked meal, good wine and beautiful hydrangeas. My preschoolers made valentines with pipe-cleaners and pony beads that I safety-pinned onto heart cut outs to give to staff around our school.

Valentines Day is also my baby sister’s birthday, and I used this same pattern to crochet her an infinity scarf with a bright pink yarn. I made the scarf much longer (I just tested in on myself) and then stitched the ends together when I could comfortably loop the scarf twice around my neck.

 I was so sad to send it off to her (I wore it one day when it was finished “to make sure nothing would fray” with a white tee and bright red jeans and fell in love) that I promptly started to make another one just for me.