TO SMILE: a dog’s life

I found this via this blog, which has a way of putting a smile on my face on the worst days.


TO DO: (in Capitol Hill, part 2)

Sunday I met my friend Katie in Capitol Hill for brunch and shopping. I had an amazing seafood omelet (with crabmeat! yum!) at the Chesapeake Room before heading over to Eastern Market (where we scoured the jewelry counters for hanging earrings and simple bracelets). We stopped into Metro Mutts where I got adorable faux peanut butter cups for Teddy R (with yogurt in place of chocolate), and I even stopped at a little entrepeneur’s lemonade stand.

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TO DO: cooking with kids

Usually I’m a day behind the curve, struggling to catch up, at least this past year. Before teaching, I was usually right on-time, if not five or so minutes early. I guess that’s the way life goes :) I must be catching up to my old self, because last night I put together an easy-to-follow guacamole recipe for my 3-year-olds to make today to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Wait. Are you shocked that I’m cooking with 3-year-olds? I have so many Montessori foundations at my teaching core, and there is so many awesome moms who blog all about their own cooking experience. I love this article about cooking with preschoolers and these Montessori-inspired ideas on Modern Parents Messy Kids (and I totally want this book).

Anyway, to save you the trouble of collecting clip art to make a kid-friendly recipe when you are convinced cooking with your 3-year-olds is an awesome idea: GuacamoleRecipe

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TO DO: make a statement

If you have not been to an anthropologie lately, I implore you: stop by. With a predetermined budget because it will be impossible to walk out of the store empty-handed. I fell in love with the statement necklaces casually strewn throughout the store, like the ones above. Now that I’m teaching preschool (read: all too often my clothes get painted, glued or worse) I love using oversized, colorful jewelry to dress up during the week. I purchased #3, and am thinking it will be perfect this weekend with a white tee and the hot pink flow-y skirt I posted here.

[necklaces 1, 2 & 3]

TO DO: overindulge

I’m pretty easy to please. I can’t remember a day so bad that a glass of pinot noir, an assortment of cheese and a gluten-free dessert couldn’t turn around. So you can imagine my excitement when my favorite spot for wine and cheese, Ripple, announced they were opening a new storefront, Sugar Magnolia, where they sell, among other things, ice cream sandwiches and desserts. And being the same ever-accommodating folks from Ripple, they will try to always keep a gluten-free treat on the menu, like their chocolate meringue with salted caramel ice cream sandwich.