TO DO: monticello wine trail

Yesterday, taking advantage of the end of spring break, I whisked WC and Teddy Roosevelt off to central Virginia to visit the Monticello Wine Trail. We visited several wineries, Thomas Jefferson’s home and a fantastic BBQ joint, and we stayed overnight at an adorable dog-friendly bed & breakfast on the trail.

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one year of firsts


[an excerpt from Keel’s Simple Diary]

Your day was

(X) one of a kind.  (  ) the usual.   (  ) random.

Explain why: Oyamel, Rustico and the footbridge (Orion!)


Setting: Homestead Farms in Maryland

Inspiration: Pinterest. I found the idea of keeping the bottom slab of wood from your tree each year, engraving or wood-burning it, and displaying them all as unique keepsake ornaments each year. Since we cut our own tree, we didn’t need to cut the bottom off to keep it fresh, so we just cut another piece from the stump!